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VivoSim regions are a great place to hang out and pick up the ‘VivoSim’ system. VivoSim 'virtual life' is an evolution of the 'Satyr Farm' system with many ways to enjoy your virual life in OpenSim worlds. You can easily link your avatar from any grid after you register so you can start enjoying the fun of real virtual life!\

When you switch engines you need to shut down the region, make the changes and then delete everything in the folder ..opensim/bin/ScriptEngines  before restarting.  Hope that makes sense for Dreamgrid. If not there may be an option somewhere to clean out that stuff? 


Thanks for reporting this. Someone else did report it a while back but I have not yet managed to get that error so hard to pin down. I do see i the error report it mentions x-engine so wonder if that may be an issue as I use y-engine now (since the next main release will, I believe, drop x-engine)

Do you know if that's what your region uses?


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Thanks for pointing that out - will sort out an update soon!


08:39] Hot food: Finished! - Roast Beast
[08:39] Hot food: *** SF Roast Beast (SF Roast Beast Potatoes) not in my Inventory***
[08:39] Cold food: *** SF Roast Beast (SF Roast Beast Potatoes) not in my Inventory**

Missinf the roost beast will not rezz after finishing.


Some news about Voice in OpenSim. Published by OS Grid but affects all grids.

Vivox Voice - OSgrid News

Vivox finally discontinued it's free services, as they have been warning us about for over 2 years. This means that there's no working voice atm.

Sorry for any confusion - I actually ended up putting all the options in the default notecard. I also see that the information on using the NPC in the guide only has part A and looks like I never finished putting in the rest.

The NPC Farmer, if set to cook, once it has harvested one of the ingredients to make slop, it will then look for the 'kitchen' item and make slop, then look to put it into storage.


VivoSim Grid - Stats

GridStatus: ONLINE

Online_Now: 2

Visitors_Last_30_Days: 13

Total_Regions: 15

Login_URL: hg.vivosim.net:8002

Website: https://vivosim.net

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hg.vivosim.net:8002:Sandy Island

hg.vivosim.net:8002:Julian Beach

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