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Go into provisions, and hit retrieve, that should do it :)


Hi Buzzy

I've had a couple of people tell me they have tried to register their key but the terminal is not working for them.


April McKenna replied to the topic 'new chicken coup' in the forum. 01:31, 24 July 2023

Sometimes they are yelling for help as they want you to come and collect eggs lol


April McKenna replied to the topic 'Hud on Steroids again' in the forum. 21:51, 18 July 2023

I did a debug on the region for top scripts, found one that was amazingly high, it was the hud so I tried to delete it, deleted the hud I'd been wearing, then restarted the region and all seems fine for now.

I put a new hud on. Fingers crossed it stays behaving itself lol


April McKenna created a new topic ' Hud on Steroids again' in the forum. 00:13, 18 July 2023

So the hud is blinking from red to green again, even with effects turned off I was fainting all over the place.  I relogged after detaching them but kept fainting everywhere.

I deleted the hud and status indicator and put a new hud on and the same thing is happening with it.  

No idea what to do as it is impossible to use at the moment.


April McKenna replied to the topic 'Sink Script Error' in the forum. 01:42, 23 June 2023

Thanks Buzzy, yes it is all working fine just that script error that is kind of embarrassing when at an event or on a large region where all can see it lol


April McKenna has a new avatar. 02:18, 22 June 2023
April McKenna created a new topic ' Sink Script Error' in the forum. 02:16, 22 June 2023

Hi Buzzy,

We have the sink set to 0 so we don't have to sit on it, but on the odd occasion it will throw up a script error as below


Is there any way to stop this happening?  Not sure what item it is saying is missing from the scene as it's not our avatar.



April McKenna replied to the topic 'Mintor needs restarted' in the forum. 09:41, 08 June 2023

I tried to get there today too, but it only took me to vacant land and couldn't move. No buildings .. something ate Mintor O.o


April McKenna has a new avatar. 09:38, 08 June 2023

Sooo the hud decided to be strange, was all good, didn't need food or drink or the bathroom.  But .. it kept flashing from green to yellow to green to orange and numbers changing.


Took that pic to show Rip that I didn't need food but clearly shows that in the stats I did.  Oh and effects were off but I started fainting.

I tried resetting the hud .. twice .. relogged after clearing cache manually etc etc.  Ended up deleting the hud completely and emptying my trash.  Still fainting even though no hud on and there was nothing in my trash/inventory.

Tried to go to Mintor...nothing there just greenery, well green land, no buildings.  Waited for around 30 mins.  Relogged again and went...


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